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Last updated 19 Mar 2018

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Currently seeking permanent or contract employment.

I have over 35 years of experience in the computing industry in software and web development. I worked in cutting edge industries at the time they were developing and thriving, for example CAD/CAM and GIS.

I have an active interest in user experience and user interfaces, always happy to get involved at all stages of a project, such as liasing with designers, discussing and prototyping UX, supporting customers and managing the day to day work of other developers.

I have good communication and interpersonal skills, getting on well with my colleagues, communicating across teams to get things done and also as demonstrated by having supervised a software team in Kiev successfully.

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Personal Details


Hobbies & Interests

My Son is my priority, but I enjoy flying and hope to get back to it someday. I enjoy cycling, walking, travel and photography when the opportunities arise. I have a private pilot’s license and gained my EPC in paragliding. I play badminton and run a small badminton club.

Congenica Ltd Nov 2017 - Current

UX Designer/Frontend Developer. I am responsible for UX Design, including activities such as wireframing and user testing using Balsamiq and Adobe XD. I visited the laboratories of Congenica and of our clients to perform user testing and analyse and document workflow.

Also front end development using JavaScript, ES6, SASS, React, Redux, jQuery, DCOS, CircleCI, Jenkins, Docker, HTML based report generation using Jinja Python Templating, Virtualbox Linux VM and Photoshop.

Metail Ltd Sep 2014 - Aug 2017


Senior Web Engineer and External Engineering Manager.

Founded in 2008, Metail is a British company developing online fitting room technology, enabling consumers to create a bespoke 3D model of themselves. The technology aims to increase consumer confidence in buying clothing online, whilst also reducing return rates for the retailer. Metail's technology can be incorporated into any e-commerce platform and consumers, after entering a few simple measurements, can then generate a 'MeModel', which is 94-96% accurate to their specific size.

In the first couple of years my work involved programming in CoffeeScript on the existing MeModel widget and on retailer integrations (analysing the retailer website and writing code to place CTAs and the widget into the retailer page).

I also worked on some experimental technology and was pleased to be able to offer canvas solutions for atmospheric perspective and click through for transparent canvas areas.

It was a personal interest of mine to get involved at the design stage to discuss UX, joining in usability testing and prototyping to support design.

During a period when we had many integrations to implement we utilised the skills of a contract agency and my role switched to one of supervising and liaising with that team in the Ukraine. When we stopped using outside resources, my role reverted to Web Engineer.

Latterly we used ClojureScript, React, Reagent and Reframe to build a new version of the MeModel widget.

JavaScript, CoffeeScript, LESS, jQuery, Photoshop, Node.js®, Grunt, Jenkins, git, Gitkraken, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Marionette.js, HTML5, CSS3, ClojureScript (cljs), Material UI

PrismaStar Ltd Jun 2013 - Sep 2014


Web Developer.

As a Web Developer at PrismaStar, there was a greater emphasis on JavaScript than I had in previous roles. In the Professional Services Organisation team, I worked with PrismaStar's award winning product advisor, tailoring it to the individual needs of each retailer and working to develop and enhance new and existing products in the PrismaStar portfolio. In the course of this work, I was fortunate to train up on new technologies including Bootstrap and Google's AngularJS.

With big name clients such as Tesco, quality is essential, robustness and reliability are vital and an eye for detail to spot where we could enhance our clients' customers' retail experience was an additional benefit.

One of PrismaStar's products is the product advisor. I was one of the team developing the responsive, version 3 product advisor for the company. This used AngularJS and Isotope libraries amongst other standards such as Modernizr and jQuery

I was instrumental in the production of this web based application whilst also mentoring other members of the team.

I also developed a tablet/smartphone console to assist in debugging. This provides a console similar to that provided by Firebug, though this is in page, draggable and resizable.

JavaScript, jQuery, Photoshop, Node.js®, Bower, Jenkins, Karma, Subversion, Isotope, AngularJS (1), HTML5, CSS3

Jagex Ltd Dec 2008 - Jun 2013


Website Developer. Working on websites which must be top quality, with complete cross browser compatibility, accessible and able to work on low end systems and browsers, even when JavaScript is disabled. Also with an eye to bandwidth not just because of speed of download to the user, but also because of load on the servers.

I was instrumental in promoting reusability of page components and scripts, bringing time efficiency and consistent look and feel to Jagex projects, for example the rapid development of the War of Legends website.

I also constructed HTML newsletters for the company from receipt of photoshop design through to a page which can be submitted to Lyris and will be compatible with the top email clients such as Outlook, Hotmail, gMail and Yahoo, across browsers.

From time to time the sites were themed, once a lengthy process, but I organised the scripts, procedures and filesystem to provide efficiency there too.

On my own initiative, I developed a canvas based effect "wavy banners" to animate heraldic flags in page.

HTML5, CSS3, javaScript, Photoshop, git, jQuery

Bright Publishing Ltd Sep 2008

Bright Publishing Ltd

Web Developer responsible for the website offerings of Bright publishing. Migrating the printed publications to the web and ensuring search engine optimisation, maximising revenue earning. Using HTML, XHTML, CSS, DHTML, AJAX, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and JavaScript.

Harmony Internet Dec 2004 - Aug 2008

3 The Granary Buildings, Dunton

Senior Web Developer managing a team of three developers and one designer.

Developing internet, intranet and extranet sites using HTML, CSS, ASP/VBScript, PHP, DHTML, AJAX (using JavaScript), Linux and Apache. DB includes MS SQL Server and MySQL. Using tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

Web Based Mapping (Google Earth, Google Maps, MS Live Maps).

Reference from Jason Higgins, MD Harmony Internet Limited

ProQuest Dec 2003 - Nov 2004


My duties included design and management of MS Access based research databases, online research and MS Word and MS Access based mail merge runs. Assisted in evaluation of Siebel based publications management system and specification of IT equipment.

Aspentech Ltd Jan 2002 - Jan 2003

Aspentech, Sheraton House, Cambridge, England

A repeat contract to provide further functionality on the ZyQad product. Tools used included Visual Basic 6.0 and Intergraph RAD 2D.

Aspentech Ltd Aug 1999 - Jun 2001

Aspentech, Sheraton House, Cambridge, England

Working for Aspentech Ltd, a Software house specialising in process control software. The brief was to provide utilities for communication of object data using XML messaging. Also to write software to allow import of legacy AutoCAD data to the new product. Tools used included Visual Basic 6.0 and Intergraph RAD 2D.

VRME Jul 1999 - August 1999

In-House Project to Develop VRME

Fugro Inpark May 1999 - Jul 1999

Smallworld Netherlands, Capelle, Rotterdam

Working on a prototype application using Smallworld GIS 3.0SP and 2.01, supervising and mentoring a small team of developers. The application was for Fugro's client Global Crossing. The project was based at Smallworld Netherland's offices near Rotterdam and Fugro offices in Amsterdam.

Smallworld Systems Ltd Apr 1999 - May 1999

Smallworld, Brunswick House, Cambridge

Bagnall Software Consultants Ltd has worked for Smallworld as part of the technical delivery team, developing application software for Phase 1 of the British Telecom Planning and Records Modernisation project.

Gardline Infotech Sep 1997

Developed two tools to increase data capture efficiency for this data capture department using Smallworld GIS.

SEMA Group Systems Ltd Apr 1996 - Oct 1996

Sema Group, Discovery House, Cambridge

My Assignment to SEMA Group Systems Ltd involved installation of, and systems administration for a DEC Alpha Station 200, installation, configuration and administration of Smallworld GIS.

I wrote utilities for Data Transfer, Data Cleaning and Data Warehousing. I also produced a utility to allow automatic geolocation of new data objects. The work involved creation of triggers, file handling utilities, parsing of data files and the writing of a new, recursive network tracing utility.

Smallworld Systems Ltd Aug 1995 - Jan 1996

Smallworld, Brunswick House, Cambridge

For Smallworld Systems Ltd in Cambridge, I attended 8 weeks of training to become familiar with their systems and with their own programming language 'Magik', which is an object oriented language similar to Smalltalk. I was subsequently retained by Smallworld on two separate contracts, to work on projects for their clients.

Smallworld World Class Partner

Bagnall Software Consultants Ltd was Authorised as a World Class Partner following my subsequent experience and accreditation as application developer in April 1997.

In the summer of 1997 I assisted with the Smallworld Summer School at the University of Newcastle on Tyne. This voluntary work was to provide assistance during the practical sessions in the laboratory.

In 1999 Bagnall Software Consultants Ltd attained advanced accreditation status.

Reference from David Hathaway, Sector Manager, Professional Services Group.

Cimage Corporation and Cimage International Nov 1991 - Mar 1995

Cimage Corporation, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I established Bagnall Software Consultants while working in America. My first appointment was to an American Corporation whose development offices are in Ann Arbor near Detroit.

The project involved porting over 300,000 lines of 'C' source code to VMS on a DECStation 3100, making use of DECWindows (XWindows), Netwise RPC, Wollongong WIN/TCP, Wollongong Pathway Client NFS for VMS and Oracle for VMS.

Since this client was a CSO for Digital, I was able to investigate the feasibility of porting their products to DEC Alpha machines running VMS, OSF1 and Windows NT™, in advance of their launch in the USA. and the UK.

I evaluated GQL and PowerBuilder. I also attended a PowerBuilder training course. As well as 'C', I wrote applications using PowerBuilder and Microsoft Visual Basic™, including a Powerbuilder Product Change Request system for a large UK automotive manufacturer and a Visual Basic™ Bill of Materials prototype for an aerospace company.

While working at the UK. offices of the corporation, I wrote software to interface their product to the software of their clients. I have been required to represent the client at a number of their installations, and I have developed a number of new applications for the company. Latter projects included ADS development for AutoCAD undertaken in Michigan.

Reference from R S Hill, Managing Director. Reference from G Mountstevens, Technical Support Manager.

RoBary Software Ltd Nov 1989 - Nov 1991

I was employed by Robary Software Ltd. as a Software Consultant. This gave me my first introduction to the nature of contract work, requiring rapid familiarisation with products, companies and working methods. Projects included:

VMS FORTRAN Process Simulation Application

FORTRAN on DEC VAX, Working in a team comprising both permanent employees and contract staff, to develop a large system for chemical process industry simulation. I was Involved in design, implementation, testing and refinement of the product.

dBase IV Stock Control and Operational Management System

This project for a small industrial manufacturer of building materials was a dBase IV customisation for stock control, resource scheduling and operational management.

Word Processor Documentation Converter

Produced for a large Engineering and Aerospace company, this software converted CPT Turnkey Word Processor format documents to Microsoft Word™, retaining as many of the formatting and style attributes of the original documents as possible. The product was written in 'C' and based on IBM PC.

Traffic Flow Analysis

For a large government organisation, this was a Borland Quattro Pro macro and Paradox PAL customisation for traffic flow modelling.

This project employed unorthodox uses of spread-sheet technology. It required a sophisticated spreadsheet system and a Beta test agreement with Borland to be able to utilise what were at the time, advanced features.

Training Courses

I prepared and presented training courses for Lotus® 123®, Windows and DOS.

Cambridge Interactive Systems May 1985 - Nov 1989

Harston Mill, Cambridge

I started work at Cambridge Interactive Systems Ltd. (Latterly Computervision, then Prime) on May 7th 1985 as a Software Engineer. Projects included:

Source Transfer Utility

Using the tape drives of the VAX, PRIME and SUN machines, this was written in 'C', DCL, CPL and C shell. It provided a simple user interface which was identical across all three machines.

Tektronix 4107 & 4109 Drivers

I wrote drivers for the Tektronix 4107 & 4109 display devices

Source File Conversion Utility

I joined the NC team in December 1985 and began by producing a source-file conversion utility, to allow portability of source code from PRIME to VAX.

NC Post-Processors

I wrote Post-Processors for CNC machine tools and investigated the suitability of Generic Post Processor Products for use with Medusa NC.

Before leaving CIS I was responsible for all CNC Post-Processor interfaces to MEDUSA NC, and supervised a number of contract personnel who wrote custom Post-Processors.

Metier Management Systems Ltd Jun 1983 - May 1985

Metier Management Systems, Fore Street, Ipswich

I started work at Metier Management Systems Ltd. in Ipswich, at the end of June 1983 as a Graphics Programmer. Metier supplied hardware and produced software for Project Management Applications.

One of their products was a system for the automatic generation of a network plot based on data which are stored in a relational database.

Metier diversified from their Hewlett Packard and DEC hardware to provide software for the IBM range of machines from mainframe to micro.

Linked Bar charts

The work I did at Metier involved mainly diagrammatic Computer Graphics, for example, a system for the automatic generation of resource-scheduling, Linked-Bar charts.

Symbol Editor

Blackbird SAMSO symbol

My last project at Metier was to produce a simple drafting package for Hewlett Packard 2647 and 2627 terminals.

The system allowed the user to draft symbols which could then be held in a database and could consequently be used to annotate automatically generated plots as "SAMSO" symbols.


The Joseph Rowntree School 1973 - 1980

Subject Level Grade Date
Mathematics O A 6:1978
Geography O A 6:1978
Physics O B 6:1978
English Language O B 6:1978
French O B 6:1978
Chemistry O C 6:1978
German O C 6:1978
English Literature O C 6:1978
Art (Out of hours study) O C 4:1979
English Studies CSE 2 6:1978
Additional Mathematics A/O B 6:1979
Physics A C 6:1980
Mathematics (Pure & Applied) A E 6:1980
General Paper A E 6:1980
Further Mathematics A O 6:1980
Chemistry A O 6:1980